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Shiny FF stockings and heels make me so wet.

latex fetish movies

latex movies

Shiny FF stockings and heels make me so wet.

Added: 2013-05-03

Tags: red wet sexy

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Raven haired and American Sioux Indian Siouxie Q signs up to be mercilessly tormented by Claire Adams. Be careful what you wanna for, or you only can get it.SCENE 1Siouxsie is bound up kneeling in a latex box tie arm binder, latex posture collar, latex boss harness, leather straps, thigh high stockings, and high heels. This hot babe mentions breast wrapping scares her, so we fully exploit her fears and aggressively try to push her off balance and out of her comfort zone. Boob and genital caning are fast followed by clothespins all over her torso. A blindfold is added and the clothespins are single tailed off until this cutie can't take it and all more. To reward her pain journey, the dildo and punishing hand drilling enter the picture. We find out that this cutie is a squirter... and what kind of juice body this cutie is going to be.SCENE 2She is in a chain dog house. Her neck is pulled in four directions by chain in a metal collar. Her ebony twat is held up in doggy by chains around her legs and her wrists and ankles are screwed into the platform, entirely preventing her from escaping. A speculum is inserted into her asshole, going deep into her. A meathook on a penis enters the picture and fucks her through the ebony twat speculum. Claire goes after her feet with the cane. Her body is greased down like a pig and then layered with sheets of wax. The meathook re-enters, drilling her pussy now. The body viscous and cums. Unable to free herself, this cutie has no choice but to submit.SCENE 3Finally, this cutie is bound up sitting on a classic metal tractor seat. Her ankles are bound up in cruel metal shackles and her wrists wrapped around her legs, secured in handcuffs, and attached to her neck. Recording is added to her hands and they ares shaped into balled fists, so there is no way this cutie can help or alleviate her suffering. The only way Claire is going to hurt Siouxsie is if this cutie begs for it. Her feet and ebony twat are caned. The thighs earn nice red stripes against her creamy skin. This hot babe squirms and tries desperately to get away, which only makes Claire wish to cane her harder and hurt her more. The cunt is on display for us to see, and ripe for the pickings. Since our body viscous so easily, its time to watch only how a lot we can get out of her...
2013-07-02 2:00 Tags: restrained

What do you do with a honey tan female with an fine titties that is lively, eager, and ready? 1 of Claire's favorite activities is binding women's breasts. The tautness of the titties swelling, looking so chubby and ripe, peaked with color and pushed to the max. The humiliating aspect of controlling a gal just by her titties is a huge turn on. In sexyal action one, Courtney starts with her hands bound behind her back sitting in a chair. The bdsm received more complicated and eventually this female is transitioned into a standing tit and hair bdsm predicament. If this female loses balance this female will either put a lot of uncomfortable weight on her hair or her breasts. Its incredibly honey to see this bitch struggle and even more honey to see her cum.Second, from her strong experience, this female is a flexible forward bend lady. This babe is a pleasure model, not inclined to lots pain, but Claire wants to give her a honey taste of discomfort by caning and tickling her feet. Adding clamps to her labia and then attaching them to her nipples, it discourages Courtney from wanting to struggle, so of learning the Brutal game continues. After thoroughly getting a enjoyment her discomfort its time to see her live up to her pleasure hottie title. Orgasms are ripped from her cunt and clitoris in an inescapable frenzy of pleasure. The comfort of her couch is taken away and this female is suspended in the complete forward bend unassisted with no choice but to continue to focus on the incredibly distracting pleasure of Claire's hand and the vibrator.Finally this female is bound to the throne with her statuesque slut and fine slut shape on display. This babe received to experience how uncomfortable the clothes hood is. Leather is wrapped around her miniature neck at attached to the pulley. This babe also received an introduction to the tazapper. Receiving it like a champ, this female impresses Claire enough to have the dildo locked on her cunt to be turned on. Immediately multi orgasmic Courtney is already begging to cum. Again and again this female explodes with intensity. Oil glistening over her skin and tight rope digging into her titties and biting at her nipples. Claire plays with Courtney's neck with the pulley. Every time this female received finish to cumming, the pulley increases tension on the neck rope, making the orgasms that lots better.
2013-07-01 2:00 Tags: bdsm hogtie

Dark Sweetheart Lingerie
2012-10-31 2:06 Tags:

the InterviewSitting across from me, long, toned legs rise up and disappear under a short white skirt. Underneath, sheer dark panties Couples sizes too tide spread across solid anal hole cheeks, and they fail to totally contain her thick g-spot lips. A tight waist gives way to lush real boobies tipped with soft nipples. Cleavage leads to the nape of her delicate neck and up to pouty, lustful mouth that beg to be fucked. Her gaze is Slavegirl and this hot hottie cannot keep it for massive before looking down. Her pheromones are pulsing, inflating her aroused anticipation. This girl is excited and nervous. I can almost smell her cunt.As we talk about her desires the sound of her voice falls on me like a fine linen, soft and comforting. The meter and tone are sultry, pretty, soothing. When I ask about her past failures, that gorgeous voice breaks a little. Her gaze stiffens slightly. This girl knows exactly what I am talking about. This girl has failed me before.the SticksDown the rabbit hole we go, picking up schlongs along the way. Dragging her down the castle corridors to the set, I see her awesome gait. This girl has poise. Maybe too a lot poise for day one. Almost there, her arms are already aching, full of preggy wooden sticks. Dots of perspiration appear on her brow.On the set this hot hottie realizes there are many, a lot more sticks. Dozens of post cut offs strewn through the room require her immediate and orderly attention. However, this hot hottie seems to finds it barely to be orderly when stripped half nude and whipped by a horny sadist.She fails me again.the DicksHer pouty mouth look so awesome as they struggle to spread across the thick rubber hammer that I am slowly working into her mouth. Her eye lids tremble and her hole goes wet. I tighten the fist in her hair and tell her to drool.When this hot hottie squats over the tip of the floor mounted dildo, her g-spot just brushes the tip. Her thighs are parallel to the floor. I give the order: stay. The stress of the position has her crumbling in seconds. I guess there is a difference between having toned thighs and actual strength. I make her a deal: I desire Thirty seconds of suffering, but I don't get it. This girl fails me again.I send her to a corner along with her Couples failures to reconsider just what this hot hottie thinks this hot hottie is executing here in My World.the BeggingShe wants to game again. I desire to see submission. Not lip service. I desire the concrete manifestation of a slave offering a part of herself to me. This girl says this hot hottie hates the cattle prod, but this hot hottie doesn't told no. I desire to see her beg for something this hot hottie hates.the ElevenBailey has given up so a lot to us today, what more could we ask for. I desire to see her on her back, legs spread, g-spot blowed and reamed. I spread that tight hole with the metallic hammer named "The Eleven".the Homework - identify five instances of failure that have led to notable success. - summarize the Where, What, Who, When and Whys of the Stonewall Riots.
2013-07-03 2:00 Tags: kinky slave submissive
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Strikingly cool but very shy Bailey has agreed to a day with me on Device. Impressed by her interest in brutal and natural flexibility her day is centered around both. A recipe for the good storm in favor of me.Bailey starts moderately laced in a tight fitting corset, ballet boots, and high reaching posture collar. Her ankles are trapped open, doing it impossible to close up up her legs, but everything looks much too loose. With my boot on her ass, I pull the laces of her corset closed and adjust the turnbuckle on her posture collar from tolerable to unreasonable. Her hair is then tied to a thick metal dick inserted into her ass. Her hands are pried open with pieces of metal, finger by finger. Everything is exposed and this hottie is helpless to the torment that awaits.Second, I like dressing my bitches up. The more exotic they are, the more cool they become. In latex stockings, heels, garter, tight leather choking collar and the single leather armbinder, this hottie is bent back over very uncomfortable metal. Her nipps beg for attention and snake bite suction tubes blowjob them up to attention. Today this hottie gets to be tormented by electricity, I do wonder how this hottie is going to respond. She's tough... but how tough?Finally Bailey in installed in the Scavenger's Daughter, an apparatus created in the era of Henry VIII, but with an upgrade. A monster metal bone is added to hold her arms nice and open. This girl likes pain... so now its time to game and see what this hottie may take. Once satisfied with her being pushed to the limit, this hottie is laid on her back (the rightful place of all sluts) and thoroughly fucked. First in the ass, then in the pussy, then in the hole and the ass. All of her holes are filled. This girl screams of ecstasy even while in a hellish metal device; desperately, clinging to the pleasure.
2013-07-02 2:00 Tags: restrained

White Fishnet Costume
2012-10-31 2:18 Tags:
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