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Dixon Mason and Hazel Hypnotic ask some great dumb questions of each other. Did you volunteer for this? Of learning..

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Dixon Mason and Hazel Hypnotic ask some great dumb questions of each other. Did you volunteer for this? Of learning neither One says yes. But then again, if you grasp One look at them you may tell that they have been begging for this kind of..

Added: 2012-11-16

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Raven haired and American Sioux Indian Siouxie Q signs up to be mercilessly tormented by Claire Adams. Be careful what you wanna for, or you only can get it.SCENE 1Siouxsie is bound up kneeling in a latex box tie arm binder, latex posture collar, latex boss harness, leather straps, thigh high stockings, and high heels. This hot babe mentions breast wrapping scares her, so we fully exploit her fears and aggressively try to push her off balance and out of her comfort zone. Boob and genital caning are fast followed by clothespins all over her torso. A blindfold is added and the clothespins are single tailed off until this cutie can't take it and all more. To reward her pain journey, the dildo and punishing hand drilling enter the picture. We find out that this cutie is a squirter... and what kind of juice body this cutie is going to be.SCENE 2She is in a chain dog house. Her neck is pulled in four directions by chain in a metal collar. Her ebony twat is held up in doggy by chains around her legs and her wrists and ankles are screwed into the platform, entirely preventing her from escaping. A speculum is inserted into her asshole, going deep into her. A meathook on a penis enters the picture and fucks her through the ebony twat speculum. Claire goes after her feet with the cane. Her body is greased down like a pig and then layered with sheets of wax. The meathook re-enters, drilling her pussy now. The body viscous and cums. Unable to free herself, this cutie has no choice but to submit.SCENE 3Finally, this cutie is bound up sitting on a classic metal tractor seat. Her ankles are bound up in cruel metal shackles and her wrists wrapped around her legs, secured in handcuffs, and attached to her neck. Recording is added to her hands and they ares shaped into balled fists, so there is no way this cutie can help or alleviate her suffering. The only way Claire is going to hurt Siouxsie is if this cutie begs for it. Her feet and ebony twat are caned. The thighs earn nice red stripes against her creamy skin. This hot babe squirms and tries desperately to get away, which only makes Claire wish to cane her harder and hurt her more. The cunt is on display for us to see, and ripe for the pickings. Since our body viscous so easily, its time to watch only how a lot we can get out of her...
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Bound And Blindfolded
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Fragments VIIIn. fragmenta part broken off or detachedan isolated, unfinished, or incomplete partan odd piece, bit, or scrap. Episode 1Latex harlot is standing, ready, sweating onto herself with the moistness trapped in a movie of rubber against her skin. This hot babe is made to slowly and sexily undress at the behest of Mz and insert a vaginal and anal inflatable plugs that are attached to rubber lycra into her holes. The lycra are pulled up and inflated in the ass and cunt. Mz drags her over to the chair and this cutie is tied up stretched tight in straight straps. An inflatable choke is loaded and filled in her mouth... this cutie is now airtight. Mz works her over.... tormenting her, challenging her with nipple clamps, the tazapper, and vibrator.SCENE 2Slut is bent backwards standing into an intense arch spread. The fist of Mz slides easily into the cunt hole. Shackles are tightly tied up to slut's tits - a cupcake of pretty cutie spilling over and constricted. Flogging warms up and tenderizes the skin before clamps in a zipper fashion are applied along the torso. Female melts into the hands of capable Mz. Draining her for cum, Mz Berlin's efforts are relentless.SCENE 3Chocolate skinned floozy in romper received schooled on the ways of Machine by pro handler Orlando. The drool runs down her face. With a closely trimmed boss shave, this cunt has no where to hide. Any is exposed. This hot babe is flogged till we may see the red came up from her skin. In buy to be a proper slut, this cutie has to be disciplined to fuck. Orlando orders her to hop the knob between her legs in an appealing fashion. Desperate, scared, the sextoy enters...SCENE 4She is installed on her side in a strict strappado/forward bend predicament. Her feet are an easy target for the single tail and Orlando knows altogether how to pain someone that cannot see the sensations coming. Whimpering, reckless for the pain to end, Orlando rams a fat knob into her. Thrusting it in and out, coaxing newbie defiled facial out of her unpracticed holes. Cum drips down her leg, this cutie is left to suffer alone.
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Swallowing And Fucking
2012-11-02 1:43 Tags: sucking
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Straight from Japan, Marica Hase is a pop starlet in her native country. This female also has experience working with few of the excellent Japanese BDSM riggers. Today, this female gets a lection on DeviceBondage - American style. Each scene has an element which ties into her cultural references of feeling disgraced: objectification, humiliation, and bukkake.BUKKAKEMarica starts her day on Device already clearly well used. The white oozing juice drips from her chin, collecting in a pile on the floor. Naturally, we have to follow in the footsteps of clearly where others have been. Marica is tormented with the cane, nipple clamps, face torment, and made to wank a plump black cock off.HUMILIATIONShe is bound in a forward bend strappado with hooks in her nose and mouth, made to stare at herself in the mirror. Labial clamps are attached to the nipple clamps. This female is flogged, hard. Her black hole and cunt get violated at the same time as this female gets a sextoy on her clit. This female drools on her reflection.OBJECTIFICATIONMarica is bound in a strict leather single arm binder and strap on dildo bondage. Her binds form her into a ball of sex. Absolutely helpless her just use is to be a sex object. Her black hole is spanked a funny sweety purple and this female is hoisted into the air. The object is spinned and single tailed. A hook on a meat with a sextoy is bound up into it. It Creampie because it knows that is its purpose and all it is finest for.
2013-07-02 2:00 Tags: restrained

Blonde All-American beauty Cherie starts in a standing obtected with her arms harshly tied up in reverse prayer. This chick desperately tries to please, enduring a hard snatch flogging. Claire tightens the neck rope pulling her neck into an intense angle. A gag is held in front of her cunt. If this hottie wants to get off, this hottie is going to have to suffocation herself. Claire feels the vagina needs more incentive to desert get the gag and attaches nipple clamps, using them as a leash to urge the sweety blondy to get off. The sweety blondy Creampie again and again all over the vibrator. In a writing sweety mess, this hottie takes even more turned on and is more than willing to "talent " pluging herself to be a lusty creampie whore. Claire needs more than that to be impressed however, and flips the bitch onto her stomach and into an intense back arch.Second, our huge breasted bimbo is tied up seated on a easy couch in what this hottie thinks will be a comfortable position, this hottie could not be more wrong. Her knees are pried open. Unable to close up them, this hottie is gone after with the tazapper. Claire puts her hands over Cherie's eyes and plays a game where Cherie can't tell where this hottie is going to be zapped next. Then the easy couch is taken away. Cherie is made to endure a really uncomfortable ballet squat lunge while this hottie is flogged and then rewarded with the vibrator. This chick may barely stand it. The feeling is so intense for her. Still not done, Claire flips Cherie onto her stomach and goes after her vagina with a slick african prick and vibrator. Again and again Cherie Creampie and is incredibly sensitive to the vibrator, desperately trying to get away from the intensity.Finally, Cherie starts tied up on the sofa in a obtected eagle. This chick is made to give a sloppy wet suck work to a fat african prick that is about to slam her in the ass. This chick is inclination over and slammed hard on the bed, before being suspended upside down and held in place by next ropes. Claire puts her boot on the rope, asphyxiating Cherie as this hottie goes after her vagina and clit. Orgasm after finish is ripped from Cherie... a well used cunt.
2013-07-01 2:00 Tags: bdsm hogtie
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